Improving the joint function, a question of crossover.
The synovial fluid can switch from viscous to elastic, allowing the joints to glide seamlessly and protect the cartilage. Synolis VA crossover frequency is similar to healthy young synovial fluid. Improved rheological properties enhance lubrification and shock absorption to protect the cartilage.


Synolis VA improves the quality of the cartilage extracellular matrix. Bio-intendation analysis demonstrate that Synolis VA improves cartilage elastic modulus properties ex vivo, and that this effect persists over time. This results suggest that hyaluronic acid (HA) and sorbitol synergistically improve cartilage elasticity suggesting penetration and fixation of Synolis VA to the cartilage. (C. Lavet et al, poster presented at ESCEO 2017)


Synolis VA enhances chondrocytes viability. Synolis VA possibly induces additional molecular mechanisms underlying long term benefits for patients with otheoarthritis (OA). HA/Sorbitol has a dosedependent beneficial effect in human OA chondrocytes. This effect relies on the reduction of catabolic and inflammatory responses as well as oxidative stress and apoptosis mechanisms in vitro. (Monkong et al.)